Press Twist (PT)

Press Twist (PT)

Available Diameters

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North America
Europe, Middle East and Africa

Designed to provide easy-open convenience for critical applications like baby food, this metal vacuum closure is designed for press on application and twist removal. The PT Closure offers excellent barrier performance for long shelf life, while its side-wall compound enhances tamper resistance.

The PT Closure can be used for hot fill, pasteurized and retort (sterilized) filling processes and can be applied at very high speeds (up to 1500cpm).

Markets Served

Baby Food / Baby Drinks, Cooking Sauces, Dairy Products, Fish & Seafood, Juices & Drinks, Meat & Sausage, Nutritional & Health Drinks, Pet Food, Preserves, Ready Meals & Soups, Spreads & Paté