In today's high volume, fast-moving market, food brands need comprehensive service at every step in the process from technical support to graphic design and implementation. 

It is important to understand how to get the most from metal packaging and to partner with a company that has the necessary expertise to properly respond to the market opportunities. At 云顶集团糖果游戏, we offer a comprehensive array of technical and market support services that can give you a significant competitive edge. Our goal is always to form a collaborative relationship with a brand by offering ourselves as a resource that is equipped to provide a wide range of valuable assistance, from technical support and troubleshooting to ongoing consultation.

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Customer Technical Service

With Customer Technical Service (CTS) teams strategically located throughout Europe, the U.S. and Canada, we have representatives very close to our customers’ facilities, enabling us to provide solutions quickly and effectively. 

Our teams have a wide range of industry experience to meet our customers’ varied needs. With the combined resources of food scientists, design engineers, chemical engineers and even microbiologists, our CTS teams have a deep understanding of the food processing and packaging industries. With longstanding expertise across the industry, we are able to help improve our customers’ processes, evaluate new technologies, optimize solutions and provide guidance on operation and implementation. 

Thanks to the diverse skills offered by our teams, we have the flexibility to provide you with the assistance and support you need on request. Our CTS teams are able to adjust to your needs throughout the year, which can be especially important for seasonal packaging. But we do not simply wait for you to request assistance; instead we can have an advisor on-site to review your line and ensure that everything is running smoothly before your packing season starts. By providing step-by-step guidelines or making recommendations prior to high pack seasons, we help you make sure you are ready to start off on the right foot.

Seaming Training

Double seaming is the most critical – and demanding – element of a food can filling line. 

云顶集团糖果游戏 offers unparalleled support in all aspects of the process through a dedicated team of seaming experts who can support customers in improving the delicate processing step of seaming. Our team can optimize tooling equipment, provide technical guidance and also offer comprehensive on-site training programs.

As part of this training service, we provide double seam guidelines that are used as a reference by regulatory authorities and can also be shown to your auditors and any other authorities that examine your facilities. Training programs can also be customized to your needs and can be conducted on-site at your own facilities, throughout the world.

Graphic Design & Consultative Services

Steel and aluminum food cans are an ideal canvas for promoting a brand – differentiating it on store shelves and making sure your products stand out against the competition. 

With a range of formats and decorative techniques available to choose from, metal packaging is a billboard for your brand – easily enhanced in order to entice consumers with a unique look and feel. By employing high-resolution imagery, food cans are printed with precision and accuracy, supporting brand goals through visual design, and creating a unique packaging experience for any occasion or event.

At 云顶集团糖果游戏, we collaborate with you creatively, as well as technically. Together, with the right shape and design, we are able to achieve the best results with packaging that draws consumer attention on shelves and drives them to select – and purchase - your product. 

Our in-house reprographics studio provides insight into turning creative visions into market reality. Our teams have the experience to create exceptional options to meet your individual market needs. The studio team will then work with you during every step of the creative process, providing concept designs and consultation on colors and graphics. We can even provide proof food cans, allowing customers to see their creative packaging designs prior to the start of full-scale production.

With this unparalleled level of support throughout the process, our goal is to provide a final package that not only meets your needs but also stands out on retail shelves and engages consumers – in stores and at homes.

Pilot Facilities

Being first to market with an innovative new food product is essential for success in today's competitive marketplace. 

Lengthy testing processes can often delay product development, as they occupy valuable line space and slow production of existing products. To help you overcome this challenge, we offer customers access to fully-equipped pilot facilities for food packaging and decorating technology at our global research, development and engineering centers. 

At our pilot facilities, we can conduct extensive testing on new food packaging products in an environment that replicates the conditions in which food cans are filled, processed, used and handled by our customers. All projects are handled in complete confidentiality without disrupting your manufacturing lines.

These pilot facilities, along with the use of computer aided design (CAD) and modeling, enable us to greatly reduce food packaging development time scales and increase the success rate of new food products in the marketplace.

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